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LEXIN S35 3.5” Bluetooth SpeakersLEXIN S35 3.5” Bluetooth Speakers
Preço promocional$289.95
LEXIN Bassbucket Bluetooth SpeakerLEXIN Bassbucket Bluetooth Speaker
Preço promocional$229.00

LEXIN Motorcycle Speakers for Handlebars

Ready to upgrade your motorcycle's speaker system? Our bluetooth speakers for handlebars are the perfect solution to maximize your riding experience and let your music be heard at every event.

LEXIN S35 Bluetooth Speakers are our tried and true handlebar speakers for motorcycles. With 200W peak power output, these speakers will make your bike the center of every party. With built-in running lights, there's no better speaker out there on the market.

The new LEXIN Bassbucket helmet bluetooth speaker is the best companion for every party. Ditch your traditional speakers for one that has more personality and maximum sound output.