How To Choose Between The G16 & Novus Bluetooth Headset Intercoms

How To Choose Between The G16 & Novus Bluetooth Headset Intercoms

Within motorcycle communication systems, the LEXIN G16 and Novus Bluetooth Headset Intercoms stand out as powerful options. As riders increasingly prioritize seamless communication, these devices offer advanced features that enhance the overall riding experience. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore into both products, highlighting their unique attributes and providing helpful information to assist riders in choosing. From crystal-clear audio quality to innovative connectivity solutions, we will explore the special features that set these intercoms apart in the world of motorcycle communication tech. Come along as we explore the features and benefits that make LEXIN G16 and Novus Bluetooth Headset Intercoms great options for riders looking for top-notch communication on the road.

LEXIN G16 Bluetooth Rider Intercom

The LEXIN G16 Bluetooth Rider Intercom builds upon the success of the B4FM Four-way intercom, elevating its capabilities to new heights. Featuring LexinPulse Sound & Music Sharing, Bluetooth Version 5.0 connectivity and a suite of improvements, the G16 is an excellent choice for riders seeking top-notch communication capabilities.

LexinPulse High Definition Speakers and bass-boosting drivers ensure an exceptional audio experience in various environments, whether you're cruising down the open road or busy urban streets. The advanced USB-C Audio plug enhances the overall sound quality, providing clear and crisp communication.

With core features like 16 Rider Intercom, Bluetooth V5.0, 40MM HD Speakers and a choice between boom and button style microphones, the G16 caters to different rider preferences. This customization allows riders to choose the microphone that best suits their preferences and helmet type, ensuring a comfortable and tailored communication experience.

Notable improvements include an advanced mounting system, ensuring a secure and stable attachment to your helmet. The inclusion of Lexin's unique utility headlamp adds an extra layer of functionality, providing hands-free illumination with an SoS beacon for enhanced safety during nighttime rides or emergency situations. The G16 is also designed for long-lasting use, offering 15 hours of continuous use on a single charge and quick charging via Type-C USB. The Type-C USB Quick Charge feature further enhances convenience, allowing riders to spend more time on the road and less time waiting for their intercom to charge.

ALL-NEW LEXIN Novus Bluetooth Headset Intercom 

The Novus Bluetooth Headset Intercom by LEXIN represents an advance with Mesh 3.0 technology, ensuring hassle-free connectivity for riders. With a straightforward setup and a Mesh button that simplifies pairing, Novus provides a user-friendly communication experience. From the moment you mount it to your helmet, pair your phone and effortlessly activate the Mesh button, Novus prioritizes simplicity, allowing riders to focus more on the journey and less on complex pairing processes. This user-friendly design enhances the overall ease of use, making Novus an excellent choice for riders who value convenience in their communication devices.

Novus excels in audio quality, featuring upgraded 40MM LexinPulse speakers and enhanced CVC/DSP Noise cancellation programming. Supporting up to 32 riders, this expanded capacity makes it an ideal choice for larger riding groups, facilitating seamless communication among participants. Moreover, Novus introduces a unique Group Control mode, allowing two riders to communicate without the interference of a larger group. This innovative feature enhances communication clarity and ensures that riders can stay connected without disruptions, providing a more personalized experience within the broader group setting.

The inclusion of a Mast antennae for Mesh mode in the Novus package enhances its communication capabilities, providing riders with a reliable and extended range for connectivity. Additionally, the patented hands-free utility headlamp with SoS mode adds another layer of versatility, making Novus a well-rounded companion for various riding scenarios.

Similar to the G16, Novus is backed by a two-year warranty, providing riders assurance in the durability and performance of their communication device. This warranty reflects the confidence that LEXIN places in the quality of their products and their commitment to providing riders with reliable solutions for their communication needs. Whether on a solo journey or participating in group rides, Novus stands as a dependable choice for riders seeking advanced communication technology on the road.

Novus Accessory Kit 

For Novus owners looking to extend the experience to multiple helmets, the Novus Accessory Kit provides a cost-effective solution. This kit includes Novus Main unit Mounting gear and the LexinPulse 2.0 HD Headset, featuring Type-C USB audio connectivity. The inclusion of both Boom and Button microphones ensures compatibility with various helmet styles, making it a convenient option for riders looking to equip additional helmets without purchasing extra Novus devices.

Choosing Between G16 and Novus 

When it comes to choosing between the G16 and Novus, riders need to consider various factors. The G16 supports 16 riders, while Novus accommodates up to 32, making it suitable for larger riding groups. Bluetooth connectivity differs, with G16 utilizing Version 5.0 and Novus relying on Mesh 3.0.

Both devices feature LexinPulse HD Speakers, but the technology behind them varies. G16 offers Boom and Button-style microphones, providing flexibility for individual preferences. Additional features like IP67 water resistance (G16) and Group Control mode (Novus) cater to specific needs.

Considering personal preferences, riding habits, and group size is crucial. Riders valuing an intercom system for smaller groups might lean towards the G16, appreciating its 16-rider capacity and versatile microphone options. On the other hand, those prioritizing expansive group communication may find Novus more appealing, especially with its impressive support for up to 32 riders and the unique Group Control mode. This innovative feature allows two riders to communicate without the interference of a larger group, providing a tailored experience for riders who enjoy the company of fellow enthusiasts but desire focused communication when needed. Ultimately, the choice between the G16 and Novus comes down to individual needs and preferences, ensuring that riders can find the perfect communication companion for their unique riding experiences.

Both the LEXIN G16 and Novus Bluetooth Headset Intercoms offer advanced features, catering to different rider needs. The choice between the two ultimately depends on individual preferences and requirements. Whether opting for the strong capabilities of the G16 or the expansive group communication facilitated by Novus, riders can rest assured that they are investing in top-tier communication technology that enhances safety and camaraderie on the road.


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