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LEXIN FT4 Pro Bluetooth Headset - 4-Way Intercom

Introducing the all new FT4 PRO. We’ve taken our very successful Lexin FT4, and made it even better. Have you ever needed to address a mechanical issue while on the road at night, or needed  to get into your saddlebags with both hands free? The FT4 Pro features a first of its kind Hands-Free utility headlamp. You’ll find this new utility feature to be extremely valuable in many situations. With our New LexinPulse™ sound system with upgraded 40MM LexinPulse™ speakers. The PRO model outperforms and exceeds both volume and sound quality expectations. This device features a four rider long range intercom with incredible premium sound quality and crystal clear voice functions. This kit includes all accessories needed to fit open face, modular, and full-face helmets. Using the FT4 Pro, riders can take/make calls through mobile phones, listen to stereo music or voice instructions from GPS, listen to FM radio, and much more. 

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Care-free Listening

Unmatched audio quality for short & long rides.

Hands-Free Calling

Make phone calls while keeping your hands on the grips.

Better audio. Better ride.
The all-new LEXIN FT4 Pro

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