Lexin: Get Up To Speed With Our Brand

Lexin: Get Up To Speed With Our Brand

Lexin is committed to bringing riders high quality and premium products that keep the riders connected and enhance their riding experience. While the riding community has several options for brands in the helmet communications and audio segment, including intercoms, speakers, chargers and more! Lexin is working hard to offer more affordable yet impressive gear to riders and the customer service that they deserve. You’ll understand why it has gotten so popular! Here’s what you need to know!

Lexin is based in Costa Mesa, California. We were formed in 2006 as a manufacturer of OEM Car audio systems then moved into OEM Home automation and in 2010 entered the moto-electronics market with the release of their first helmet Bluetooth kits. You’ll get such a great set for a fantastic price! For a few years Lexin served as the OEM manufacturer for another brand, and in 2015 we chose to strike out on our own in moto-electronics with one goal to provide high quality, reliable units to the riding community at a user-friendly cost.

Today, Lexin products are proudly distributed worldwide with a commitment to product quality and versatility. As Powersports enthusiasts, Lexin enjoyed bringing great value to the users, and are constantly working to provide the community the very best service and products possible. 

Lexin popular products includes the LEXIN G16 headset provides music sharing capabilities, allowing you and your riding partner to listen to the same music without sacrificing sound quality. Same bike, same music! The FT4 Pro features a first of its kind Hands-Free utility headlamp. You’ll find this new utility feature to be extremely valuable in many situations. With the New LexinPulse™ sound system with upgraded 40MM LexinPulse™ speakers, the PRO model outperforms and exceeds both volume and sound quality expectations. This device features a four rider long range intercom with incredible premium sound quality and crystal clear voice functions. Lastly, Lexin Smart Tire Pump is a product we’ve found as riders that is a necessity on road trips and helps ensure a proper ride week to week. Same battery life and support you’ve come to know and love from us. Portable and battery powered, this pump is a must have piece of gear for the road. Simply turn it on, set your desired pressure on the pump, and start filling. So what are you waiting for? Upgrade your bike with ground-breaking accessories that makes your ride more convenient for any occasion. You can also check our collection from headsets, speakers, kits, accessories and apparel!



The Lexin team is dedicated to making products that last. We back all of our products with an excellent hassle-free warranty, and always address any customer needs or questions quickly and accurately. Subscribe to Lexin’s newsletter to get the latest deals on sales or discounts, new product releases, announcements and more! 

Looking to discover the best helmet communications and audio segment, including intercoms, speakers, chargers and more!? You’re in the right place! Visit their website for more information! Or If you have questions you can contact Lexin at this number 1-800-380-8248 or Email us  info@lexinmotorcycle.com anytime! 

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