LEXIN G16 Bluetooth Rider Intercom - Advanced LexinPulse Sound & Music Sharing

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Introducing the All new Lexin G16 Helmet Bluetooth™ Intercom. The G16 is based on Lexin's Highly successful B4FM Four way intercom. We've added Bluetooth Version 5.0 connectivity, bigger sound amplification chip, battery, Type-C USB Quick Charge, advanced mounting system, Lexin Unique utility headlamp and more. With included LexinPulse High Definition Speakers and bass boosting drivers piped through an advanced USB-C Audio plug, the G16 sounds incredible in any environment. Available for the first time Black Friday Weekend and in Dual or Single Pack kits. 

G16 Core Features

  • 16 Rider Intercom
  • Bluetooth V5.0 Connectivity
  • Music Sharing (Share Music with a passenger or other Rider from one device!)
  • 40MM HD Speakers
  • Two Choices of Microphones, Boom & Button Style
  • 15 Hours of continuous use
  • Type-C USB Quick Charge
  • IP67 Water Resistance
  • Advanced DSP Ambient Noise Cancellation
  • Hands Free Utility Headlamp With SoS Beacon
  • Two Year Hassle-Free Warranty

About the G16

Let the G16 take you on the road trip of a lifetime.

The G16 isn’t just an Bluetooth intercom. It’s a lifesaver, with its built in flashlight with a SOS beacon feature, we have you covered.


Bluetooth V5.0 Connectivity.

# of Riders

16 Rider Intercom.

Music Sharing

Share Music with a passenger or other Rider from one device.

Battery Life

15 Hours of continuous use.

Water Resistance

IP67 Water Resistance.


Type-C USB Quick Charge.


Two Year Hassle-Free Warranty.

A new level.

The G16 Headset Intercom has revolutionized the intercom industry for years. If you're seeking a reliable headset with superior sound & connection capabilities, look no further.

Upgrade your riding game with the G16.

Get ready to level up your riding experience with the G16 Intercom.

Whether you're hitting the road with your crew or on a solo adventure, this is your ultimate riding companion.

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