Travel And Adventure Tips (Using Lexin Headsets, Speaker, Accessories)

Travel And Adventure Tips (Using Lexin Headsets, Speaker, Accessories)

Lexin offers a range of innovative products designed to enhance your travel and adventure experiences. 

Here are some tips for enhancing your travel and adventure experience using Lexin products:

1. Use Lexin Headsets To Stay Connected - Lexin headsets provide hands-free communication, allowing you to stay connected with your travel companions or take important calls on the go. The headsets are designed with noise-canceling technology, so you can hear clearly even in noisy environments. The long battery life and comfortable design make them ideal for extended use during long trips or adventures.

  • LEXIN G16 Rider Intercom - Advanced LexinPulse Sound & Music Sharing
  • G16 Core Features:

    • 16 Rider Intercom
    • Bluetooth V5.0 Connectivity
    • Music Sharing (Share Music with a passenger or other Rider from one device!)
    • 40MM HD Speakers
    • Two Choices of Microphones, Boom & Button Style
    • 15 Hours of continuous use
    • Type-C USB Quick Charge
    • IP67 Water Resistance
    • Advanced DSP Ambient Noise Cancellation
    • Hands Free Utility Headlamp With SoS Beacon
    • Two-Year Hassle-Free Warranty
  • LEXIN FT4 Pro Bluetooth Headset - 4-Way Intercom
  • Core Features of Lexin FT4 Pro:

    • 16 Rider Intercom
    • Universal Helmet Compatibility
    • LexinPulse Sound System with Upgraded 40MM Speakers
    • 18 Hours of continuous use
    • Type-C USB Quick Charge 
    • Long Battery Life
    • Waterproof Design with IP67 Water Resistance
    • Advanced DSP Ambient Noise Cancellation
    • Hands-Free Utility Headlamp with SoS Beacon
    • Two-Year Hassle-Free Warranty

    2. Listen To Music With Lexin Bassbucket Bluetooth Speaker - The Lexin Bassbucket Bluetooth Speaker delivers high-quality sound in a compact design. The speaker is waterproof and durable, making it perfect for outdoor adventures and beach trips allowing you to enjoy your music for hours on end. 

  • LEXIN Bassbucket Bluetooth Speaker

  • Lexin Bassbucket Bluetooth Speaker Features:

    • Lexin Bassbucket Bluetooth Speaker Features:
    • Long Battery Life
    • Mobile Phone Calling/Answering
    • Up To 15W Quick Charge
    • Multi-color Led Lighting
    • Touch-sensitive Volume Adjustment
    • Bluetooth 5.0 Technology, Supports Virtually Limitless Device Connections For Music Sharing.
    • 20W Maximum Output, Two 2.5 Inch Premium Speakers With Built-in Woofer

    3. Use Lexin Accessories To Mount Your Devices - Lexin mounts are adjustable and can accommodate a variety of device sizes. It is designed to securely mount your devices on your bike or motorcycle ensuring a perfect fit for your device – even if it's in a case. You can easily access navigation, music, or other apps while on the go.

  • RAM® X-Grip® Cell Phone Mount

  • Features:

    • Features An 'x' Design That Expands And Contracts To Provide A Perfect Fit For Your Device
    • Fits Phones Ranging From 1.75" To 4.5" In Width
    • Keeps Your Device Completely Functional And Accessible

    4. Charge Your Devices While You're Inflating Your Tires - The Lexin portable Tire Pump is very convenient during long road trips or off-road adventures when you need to keep your devices charged and your tires properly inflated. The compact and portable design makes it easy to take with you on the go! 

  • Lexin P5 Advanced Smart Pump With Integrated Battery Pack

  • Features:

    • 5000 Mah Lithium Ion Cell
    • Internal Cooling Fan
    • Heat And Abrasion Protected Threaded Filling Trachea
    • Digital Pressure Monitoring
    • 2-150psi Digitally Adjustable Pressure Settings
    • Usb-a Output For Mobile Device Charging On The Go. 
    • Two-Year Hassle-free Warranty

    With Lexin products, you can take your adventures to the next level and create unforgettable memories! There's no substitute for quality!

    If you have questions you can contact Lexin at this number 1-800-380-8248 or Email us at anytime! We would be happy to respond to your concern!

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