Meet The Novus Bluetooth Headset 32-Rider Intercom

Meet The Novus Bluetooth Headset 32-Rider Intercom

As the motorcycle community continues to evolve, so does the need for advanced communication solutions that enhance the riding experience. Riding motorcycles is more exciting than ever and having a way to talk with your fellow riders makes it even better because of LEXIN's Novus Bluetooth Headset 32-Rider Intercom – A super cool device that changes how we use bluetooth intercom on our helmets and has set a new standard in bike helmet intercom system. This blog will break down all the awesome things about the Novus, from how easy it is to set up, to the amazing sound it brings, its group chat feature and some cool extras.

  • Effortless Setup and Connectivity

The Novus Bluetooth Intercom is designed with user convenience in mind, making sure that the riders can focus on the road rather than grappling with complicated setup procedures. Our step-by-step guide simplifies the mounting process, making it accessible for riders of all levels – Easy for everyone, whether you're an experienced rider or just starting out. Once mounted, the Novus takes connectivity to a new level with its hassle-free phone pairing mechanism. A single touch is all it takes to establish a connection, improving the riding experience.

The Mesh button functionality eliminates the need for traditional unit-to-unit pairing, allowing riders to enjoy music and engage in conversations with exceptional ease of use. LEXIN has truly prioritized simplicity without compromising on performance, making the Novus an ideal companion for riders who value intuitive technology.

  • Unmatched Audio Experience

At the heart of the Novus's appeal is its commitment to delivering an audio experience that surpasses expectations. The upgraded 40MM LEXINPulse speakers redefine what riders can expect from a helmet intercom. Offering immersive sound quality, these speakers elevate the experience of listening to music on the road or engaging in conversations with fellow riders.

To make sure communication is super clear, the Novus incorporates enhanced CVC/DSP Noise cancellation programming. This advanced technology filters out external noise, providing a clear channel for riders to connect effortlessly. LEXIN’s dedication to audio excellence positions the Novus ahead in the helmet intercom market.

  • Advanced Group Communication

Connectivity is a big part of the Novus experience. With the ability to support up to 32 riders, LEXIN has shattered the limitations of traditional motorcycle intercom systems. However, what truly sets the Novus apart is the introduction of the unique group control mode. This feature enables two riders to communicate freely without the cross talk of a larger group, offering a thoughtful solution to the challenges of communication in larger riding groups.

LEXIN has recognized the different needs of riders and with the Novus, provides communication features to fit the individual needs and preferences of the users. The ability to form smaller communication circles within a larger group enhances clarity, making riding more enjoyable and safer.

  • Innovative Features

Beyond its remarkable communication capabilities, LEXIN has incorporated innovative features that exemplify its commitment to enhancing rider safety and convenience. The inclusion of the mast antennae, a crucial component for mesh mode, ensures optimal performance in group communication scenarios. This forward-thinking approach positions the Novus as a communication device that anticipates and addresses the unique challenges encountered of on-road communication.

In addition to its capability in communication technology, the Novus proudly showcases a patented hands-free utility headlamp featuring an innovative SoS mode. This dual-functionality not only enhances rider visibility, particularly in low-light conditions but also adds an extra layer of safety to the overall riding experience. LEXIN transformative vision extends beyond providing a communication device; the Novus is designed to meet all the needs of riders on the road. It's an all-in-one solution for road riders.

  • LEXIN Novus Accessory Kit

This addition not only improves the capabilities of the Novus Bluetooth Intercom system but also serves as an affordable solution for riders looking to expand their helmet options. It's your secret weapon to ride smarter, this kit completes your Novus setup.

The LEXIN Novus Accessory Kit isn't just a bunch of extras; it's like unlocking a new level in your riding game. Explore the options, switch helmets and be confident your communication is adventure ready.

    • Unlock More Helmets: With the Novus Accessory Kit, you can add extra helmets without buying more Novus gadgets. So everyone in your riding crew can enjoy the Novus magic.
    • What's in the Kit: Let's break it down. You get the Novus Main Unit Mounting Gear, making setting up on different helmets a piece of cake. There's the LexinPulse 2.0 HD Headset for excellent audio. Plus, one Boom Mic and one Button Mic for chatting your way. Everything you need in one kit, no extra hassle.
    • Switch Helmets Like a Pro: You can now switch between helmets without juggling multiple Novus gadgets. This kit turns you into a helmet-swapping pro, adding some ease and fun to your rides.

LEXIN's Novus Bluetooth Headset 32-Rider Intercom is a big step forward in how motorcycles communicate with each other. Marking an important moment in the way where riders can connect and share on the road. With this headset, riders can now talk and enjoy the ride like never before, making it a game-changer in motorcycle communication. Mesh 3.0 technology, effortless connectivity, unparalleled audio quality and advanced group communication capabilities make the Novus a standout device in the market. As riders look to elevate their on-road communication and overall riding enjoyment, the Novus becomes a must-have companion.

LEXIN has successfully blended the latest technology with smart design, making the Novus stand out in the world of helmet intercoms. This combination of advanced tech and careful thinking has put the Novus right at the forefront of innovation in motorcycle intercom systems. If you’re ready to dive into the future of motorcycle communication, the Novus Bluetooth Motorcycle Intercom is your ticket. It's where staying connected meets innovation, promising an exciting journey on the road just for you.

If you have questions you can contact LEXIN at this number 1-800-380-8248 or Email us at anytime! We would be happy to respond to your concern!

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