4 Gadgets You’ll Want On Your Next Motorcycle Trip

4 Gadgets You’ll Want On Your Next Motorcycle Trip

Looking forward to your next motorcycle adventure? Here are 4 gadgets from Lexin that could be useful on your journey! 

Lexin team is dedicated to making products that last. While the riding community has several options for brands in the helmet communications and audio segment, Lexin is working to offer more affordable yet impressive gear to riders and the customer service they deserve. 

1. Lexin G16 Rider Intercom - Advanced Lexinpulse Sound & Music Sharing - The LEXIN G16 headset provides music-sharing capabilities, allowing you and your riding partner to listen to the same music without sacrificing sound quality. G16 Core Features:
    • 16 Rider Intercom.
    • Bluetooth V5.0 Connectivity.
    • Music Sharing (Share Music with a passenger or other Rider from one device!).
    • 40MM HD Speakers.
    • Two Choices of Microphones, Boom & Button Style.
    • 15 Hours of continuous use.
    • Type-C USB Quick Charge.
    • IP67 Water Resistance.
    • Advanced DSP Ambient Noise Cancellation.
    • Hands-Free Utility Headlamp With SoS Beacon.
    • Two-Year Hassle-Free Warranty.

2. LEXIN Bassbucket Bluetooth Speaker - This next-gen speaker will bump your favorite tunes for hours without missing a beat. With industry-leading features including:

    • Mobile phone calling or answering.
    • Up to 15W quick charge.
    • Multi-color LED lighting.
    • Touch-sensitive volume adjustment.
    • Bluetooth 5.0 technology, supports virtually limitless device connections for music sharing.
    • 20W maximum output, two 2.5-inch premium speakers with built-in Woofer.

    3. Lexin P5 Advanced Smart Pump With Integrated Battery Pack - Motorcycle tire pressure is a key component for any ride, on or off-road, the P5 will keep your tires dialed in any environment. The P5 features:

      • 5000 MaH Lithium Ion Cell.
      • Internal Cooling fan.
      • Heat and Abrasion protected threaded filling Trachea.
      • Digital pressure monitoring.
      • 2-150PSI digitally adjustable pressure settings.
      • USB-A Output for mobile device charging on the go.

      4. Lexin WPC™ Qi Wireless Charger - The Lexin WPC-QI™ Wireless charger is a plug-and-play charging solution designed for use with the RAM®Mounts X-Grip®. The Lexin WPC-QI™ features: 

        • 10W/DC 5V/2A output.
        • Foreign body detection.
        • IP67 water resistance.
        • Accessory USB port.
        • SAE connector.
        • Included an optional car charger.

        Lexin is committed to bringing riders high-quality and premium products that keep them connected and enhance their riding experience.

        If you have questions you can contact Lexin at this number 1-800-380-8248 or Email us at info@lexinmotorcycle.com anytime! We would be happy to respond to your concern!

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